Review of Cliffords Taxidermy in New York

If you like baseball and have hunted and or fished in the Cooperstown, NY area chances are you have heard of Cliffords Taxidermy. Cliffords, is the only taxidermy shop that’s located within minutes to Cooperstown and Oneonta, NY and has been for over 20 years.

Cliffords Taxidermy is a year round taxidermy shop. Meaning they are open year round and not just seasonal as the majority of other local taxidermists in that area are. We called several other taxidermy shops within a 50 square mile radius and Cliffords Taxidermy was the only taxidermy facility readily available to take in work on a moment’s notice. Furthermore Cliffords Taxidermy returned our phone call within 5 minutes were it took a day and up to a week for the rest to respond to our request.

Most of the taxidermy businesses in the Leatherstocking region only mounted deer heads, but Cliffords Taxidermy goes beyond deer head taxidermy. They mount fish and birds too and are actually certified and federally licensed to practice migratory bird taxidermy. This was very big plus in our book as it told us we were dealing with a legitimate, on the books taxidermy business.

Cliffords Taxidermy’s price list seems to be well in line with the national average. This tells us they are running a taxidermy business and not just a weekend warrior project to collect beer money. Their turn-a-round time seemed to be longer than average being somewhere between the 12 to 14 month range at the present time, but was acceptable for the high quality of work they are producing.

The taxidermy mounts Cliffords Taxidermy produces are in fact high quality. Their turkey mounts are kick ass and some of the best we have seen. Their customers also give them high grades on their deer mounts. No stone goes unturned when mounting deer at Cliffords Taxidermy. From lifelike eyes to finished nostrils their deer heads rock utilizing professionally tanned deer capes the customer supplies. Their fish work is also amazing. They airbrush and hand paint their fish a combination which gives them a very lifelike look as if they are about to swim off the wall. No scale goes untipped and all the shimmers you see in a fish are in fact put back into their fish mounts.

Cliffords Taxidermy

So far who have heard all the pros of Cliffords Taxidermy, but what about the cons? There are in fact a couple we feel worth mentioning. The first con is that there is no showroom at Cliffords Taxidermy. As soon as you walk into the business you’re inside their workshop. We feel every taxidermy shop needs a showroom, a place just for finished mounts, away from the back end of the business. There is no doubt they are hurting for space and need to build a showroom. Although we do give them an A+ for a well-organized and clean taxidermy shop. The second con is that the business is not located on the main drag and drive by exposure to the general public is lacking.

Some of the areas Cliffords Taxidermy caters to are Cooperstown, Oneonta, Norwich, West Winfield, Otego, Sidney, Cobleskill, Chenango, New Berlin, Morris, and Mount Vision, to name a few. They also receive and return taxidermy from sportsmen and women from within the United States via shipmets.

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