Mounting Turkey Tails

turkey tails for saleTurkey tail mounts is another form of #turkeytaxidermy or #turkeymount. Turkey tails make for great wall décor. Many turkey hunters will cut the tail off of their birds, fan them out so it can dry and proceed with mounting. But first you must remove all the meat and fat from the feather quills before drying is allowed. Using a sharp knife you can scrape most meat and fat off the tail bone. A stiff wire brush on the end of a drill will also aid in the removal of meat. Once the tail is ready to be dried, it is fanned out flat on a table. A taxidermy grade dry preservative is then applied vigorously to the feather quills to aid in drying and bug proofing. Once you’re all done you will need a turkey tail mounting plaque to show off your trophy.

If you decide that you would want a taxidermist to handle this job for you, expect to pay anywhere up to $150.00 for a turkey tail mount complete with wall plaque. A qualified taxidermist actually goes a little above and beyond the above do-it-yourself at home description. Many taxidermists will actually take apart their turkey tails, quill by quill. Each and every feather is then degreased and washed chemically using high grade taxidermy chemicals. The tail is then rebuilt manipulating each and every feather to lie exactly where it should be. The tails are then hot glued back together. These procedures will almost guarantee that your turkey tail will last for many years to come. The chances of the tail warping or being eaten by insects are one in a million.

turkey tailsTurkey Tail Mounting Plaque

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A mount kit for Osceola, Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam's and Gould's Turkeys. This kit will add color to your trophy and attract positive comments from your friends. A solid Oak kit that is built to last and features a high quality InGrained Art image on the front panel that is UV resistant to help prevent fading...

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