Proper Fish Care for Taxidermy

Fish Care TaxidermyFishing is enjoyed worldwide by the masses and can be quite rewarding not only on putting food on the table but also by capturing the memories of good times. After a day on the water some anglers would like to preserve the memory by getting their prized catch mounted by a taxidermist. This isn't always done for a "trophy" fish but rather for the memory of the experience. Proper fish care for taxidermy is what this article is about.

Don’t let your memory spoil! In order to achieve the best fish mount possible there are a few things you should do once you decide that it’s a keeper and worth sending to the taxidermist.

The first step for fish care taxidermy is to take pictures once caught. If possible it's best done as soon as the fish leaves the water. Fish will start losing their color in a short period of time when it leaves the water. Pictures will show the original coloration of the fish. Perch, Walleye, Bass, and trout all have their specific markings and colors. These can fluctuate depending on the body of water it was taken from. Be sure to take close up pictures at different angles. To capture the colors and iridescences on the fish that reflect from the sunlight.

When dealing with any fish you plan on sending to your taxidermist keep the fish in a live well. If this is not possible then get it on ice as soon as possible. To freeze a fish for the taxidermist you should wet a large towel. Then proceed to wrap the fish up in it. Smooth down the fins, keeping them tucked close to the body. The tail fin should lay smooth and flat. Wrap the entire towel covered fish in a plastic bag and tape closed, getting as much air out of the bag as possible. Lay it flat on the freezer shelf and let it freeze. This method will keep fish for a very long time in the freezer with out succumbing to freezer burn allowing you to find a reputable fish taxidermist to hire.

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